Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

The major factors that differentiate experienced professional Still Photography from the crowd are precision, levels of customization, standards and quality of digitization at the time of realization. Our Photography team at Media Designs incorporates all these features and adds it up with an extra feature that is unique to us. We call it as Structured Analysis Design and Development. This is a step by step process adopted into our Professional Photography Services architecture.


  • When we receive an enquiry from our customers, our team visits the location and conducts a detailed analysis of the locations, plant and machinery, final products, rejection handling methods, process control techniques and a host of other details. Based on these initial studies and consultations, we draw the initial blue print of the entire project.
  • We differentiate the projects based on the intended purpose of our customers. If you are in the initial stage of setting up your manufacturing unit, we can take up the entire project right from scratch. Our Industrial Photography Services can prepare a complete digital diary that can be used for government and Bank approval procedures, by your civil engineers for infrastructure and transportation line planning etc.
  • If you are planning for promotional Customer demos, conferences and seminars and so forth, we HDR photography and Panorama for result oriented campaigns.
  • Our team specializes in machine photography for every type of manufacturing, Moulding and precision engineering industries. Our Hi – res (resolution) Cameras are technically advanced by at least 5 years compared to the legacy cameras used by our competitor companies. Besides, we use latest and upcoming technology and editing tools to give a precise finishing to your machinery photography. Hence our Industrial Photography Services are preferred by many of the leading and established production and engineering units all over India.
  • Product Photography is yet another facet of our Professional Photography Services. Here, we provide our services for product demo, samples photos for customer approval, trade fairs, expos and other promotional purposes. Product Photography scaling forms a critical factor that can pull maximum number of visitors to your corporate cubicle in an exhibition. Our team uses state of the art technology, product specialization techniques and elaborative presentation techniques to blow up any complete, partial views, accessories insertion points and many other minutest details with the highest level of precision.

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